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About Sierra Concrete

UBI # 601 192 278
Contractor’s Registration # SIERRC~ 11 ONA
Federal ID #91-1453559
Contractor’s Bond # YL1214552

Sierra Concrete was formed by Howard Waldal in 1978. After working for Howard for some time, Al Matson bought the company in 1989 and owns it presently.

Sierra Concrete has grown with Clark County. As homes have grown in size and lots have become increasingly steep, we have developed specialized techniques and skills.... While we still can and do compete in the "flat lot market," our specialty is large custom homes on difficult sites. We feel that due to our longstanding experience in this area we can offer you the best possible interpretation and value. We've had the privilege of working with some of the best builders and developers in Clark County and have been involved in many unique and difficult projects over the years. This we offer you as experience.

Give us a chance to assess your large project or to estimate it from a topographical analysis if need be. We charge a refundable deposit for assessing your lot with a site visit, using transit and layout.