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Standard Pricing Schedule

We specialize in difficult presentations but also do flat-lot homes and some light commercial.

Our business is poured concrete foundations. We use primarily the Rap-I-Form system of forms but are equipped for the various ICF systems as well as 3/4" plywood using snapties and walers. We sometimes use the other systems where sacrificial forming is required. We do one-sided forming, flatwork forming and screen-forming when necessary. We are also fully equipped with drills/epoxy for retro-fitting of anchors. We assess lots and do excavation layout. We ask that you have all pertinent property lines established prior to calling us for layout. We will need jobsite copies of all site paperwork from subdivision plats to plot plans. Geo-tech report required on many sites. Upon beginning of foundation project we'll need the entire permit package. While foundation work is being accomplished we will safeguard it and keep it with us unless you provide a secure and waterproof jobsite storage. On difficult sites we'll sometimes ask that you have some off-sets hubbed and tacked.

Prices are standardized to a certain degree for Clark, Skamania and Cowlitz Counties. We do not do work in Oregon. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Retail Labor Pricing
(Builder pricing available upon request)

Crawlspaces--Flat or mildly stepped

2' Wall (up to 4'-0" elevation change in excavation) Base Rate $65.00/cubic yard
2' Wall (4'-0" to 8'-0" elevation change in excavation) Base Rate $70.00/cubic yard
Steps in wall Grade $30.00/each
Steps in excavation $35.00/each
Vents $16.50/each
Bay windows $75.00/each
45-Degree angled walls $30.00/each
Center Piers/Columns $75.00/each
Jogged center piers $110.00/each
Joist pockets $1.50/each
Stacked wall $5.50/lineal foot
House set at angle to garage (price varies) Minimum $250.00
Anchor bolts (1/2" x 12") $0.65/each
Anchor bolts (5/8" x 12") $1.35/each
"Cant Strip" (chamfer strip to control cracking) $4.50/lineal foot
Minimum charge (additions, etc) $1250.00 + hard costs

Basements--8'-0" or more grade change, stacked wall

Bulk 4'-0" wall, flat or stepped $70.00/cubic yard
Bulk 6'-0" wall, flat or stepped $75.00/cubic yard
Bulk 8'-0" wall, flat or stepped, daylight basement $89.50/cubic yard
 Over 8'-0" wall +$5.50/lineal foot per lift
Steps in wall grade $45.00/each
Steps in excavation $45.00/each
Boxed steps (City of Vancouver, Camas, etc) $110.00/each
Bay windows $75.00/lift
45-Degree angled walls $30.00/lift
Center piers/columns (stacked) $75.00/lift
Jogged center piers $75.00/lift
Concrete vibrated during placement $15.00/cubic yard
Pipes/blockouts below grade/drain tiles $20.00/each
Sloped grade $10.00/lineal foot
"Cant Strip" (chamfer strip to control cracking) $5.50/lineal foot

Reinforcing Steel

Reinforcing steel charges include rebar, fabrication, and placement.

#4 60 Grade $0.99/lineal foot
#5 60 Grade $1.43/lineal foot
#6 60 Grade Approx. $2.25/lineal foot
#8 60 Grade Approx. $3.65/lineal foot

#4 and #5 rebar is routinely fabricated onsite, thereby minimizing waste. #6 and larger often must be pre-ordered, necessitating more lead time, more accurate excavation, and some waste.

We use and stock only Grade 60 reinforcing steel.

Situation-specific Charges

Cowlitz County (Woodland to Kelso/Longview) Add $5.00/cubic yard labor, $0.10/lineal foot rebar
Skamania County (to Stevenson) Add $10.00/cubic yard, $0.10/lineal foot rebar


  • Cowlitz and Skamania Counties inspect every other day on their own route--expect standby charges waiting for inspections.
  • Cowlitz County and City of Woodland have been known to require all rebar uprights to be pre-erected (not wetset) prior to footing inspection. In this situation, expect an additional $100-200 charge. Applies to "standard" footings with rebar on 18" centers.
  • City of Vancouver may require "double forming" footings over 2" off ground. Expect additional $150-200 charge for time spent if required.
  • Camas and the City of Battle Ground now require "Monkey Paws" on SSTB's; add $5.00/tiedown for pre-hanging.
  • Washougal has been making noises about requiring geotechnical engineer approval for EVERY LOT! If and when a geotech report is required we must have a copy of it onsite prior to commencing work.

Angulated Jobs: Houses composed primarily of angles other than 90 degrees need to be addressed separately. 45 degree angles (house to garage, e.g.) typically charged $150.00 per bend. Angles other than 45 and 90 degrees fall under Chargeable Time category, unless verifiably hard-measured by architect with CAD program.

Downtime: If our crew is held up due to a mistake in the excavation, job not ready on arrival, grade questions, engineering questions not answered, etc., we reserve the right to charge a move-in/move-out fee of $150.00 or standby at $25.00/man hr. Exceptions include: Acts of God, attack by alien beings, meteor showers, liberal democrats tying up traffic to buy lots, etc.

Chargeable Time: This accrues when we are hand digging, building concrete soffits or bridges or clocks or whatever, non-standard labor charges, cleanup, etc., at $55.00/man hr.

Consultation Time: Layout on a lot, prior consultation away from current jobsite, evening or Saturday meetings, etc., at $75.00/hr. $150.00 minimum. Consultation on current jobsite is free. We can come out and assess your situation. Historically, we've been able to save the client thousands...

Nasty Jobs: 12’ or higher High Wall, 20’ or more grade difference in lot, flood plain lots, lots intruding into the 4th dimension. On these we need to talk.

Engineering Charges: Tremendous variability here. For typical HD’s, HPA’s, HTT’s, SNAFU’s, etc. wetset into concrete wall at $7.50-15.00 per bolt or strap + cost of same. Post bases and others to grade and layout at $20.00-35.00/ea. Provided
callouts and dimensions to centerlines are supplied. We want a happy framer, so please consult him and us on this. Add $5.00/tiedown bolt if bolts are pre-hung. Bond beams, ballast blocks, anti-upthrust post bases, cored footings, spans, etc., chargeable time or pre-agreed price.

Late Fees: Invoices are due and payable on the 10th of the month following completion of the job. A finance charge of 1 1/2% per month will be added to invoices not paid in a timely manner.

Bids and Estimates

Because foundation work is heavily site and excavation driven, we are very careful in our bidding process. Casual bids based on an artist’s rendering, a designer’s or architect’s depiction of a site or even a topographical analysis can be misleading. When presented with an opportunity to bid a project we can go one of two ways: We can either generate a cover number, a Not to Exceed estimate based on assessment of the presentation, OR we can bid exactly like the blueprint. Bidding directly from the blueprint is easy, but the result is often less than accurate.

We can BID a project given that all of the grades are established and soil conditions are consistent. Note that when site conditions vary from the blueprints we will do what has to be done to address the situation. We do not cheat or bypass codes.
Difficult sites must be “interpreted,” site conditions must be dealt with in a cost effective manner while complying with Building Codes and staying within the parameters outlined by the supplied engineering. In this area we excel. We’ve had the pleasure through the years of working with some of the most knowledgeable contractors in the Clark County area. Our experience with and education by these contractors has given us a solid base upon which to build our analyses.

We prefer to ESTIMATE a project. Estimating differs from bidding in that we (subcontractor, owner/builder, architect/designer, engineer, and possibly, a geotechnical engineer) all work together to form a comprehensive plan or design path. A good design path can make or break the budget on a project. We at Sierra Concrete offer you a Pricing Schedule which provides clarity as to HOW we charge for our work. We charge “Time and Material” in the sense that we have to bill you for the amount of material that the site actually needs. On a simple, flat-lot project or on a design-specific project like a light commercial job which has been spec’d as a cut and fill project we can most often safely estimate within 5% of actual yield.

Estimating steep sites or sites with large rocks, trees or perhaps bedrock or running water present becomes almost an artform. Again, we are good at it. We’ve worked in every corner of Clark County and the surrounding area, dealing with all sorts of soil
and lot conditions. That said, BE AWARE that we will do what has to be done to truly stabilize the site. Immediately upon arrival at the excavated site we assess and try to catch any dramatic changes from the estimate. We make every attempt to keep
the owner/builder apprised of changes/revisions. Communication is key to our operation. We require that the owner/builder be accessible on short notice during this critical assessment period. Most often changes can be spotted within the first two
days on a project and the appropriate path decided upon. Decisions made on the foundation redound through the entire project; let’s work together to make good decisions.

When we arrive at a site which is materially changed from our estimate we will STOP work until we’ve communicated with the owner/builder. If the changes cannot be resolved quickly we reserve the right to move off the site and to assess a fee of
$250.00. Also note that if we pull off your site to another job you will most likely incur a waiting time while we re-schedule for you.

We must have access to a solid decision-maker on the job and we need to know clearly who this person is, whether builder, job supervisor, or owner. The foundation sets the tone for the entire project and unlike other portions of the home the foundation must often be modified from the way it’s drawn.