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Bolt Retrofitting

We are not licensed to do approved retrofitting but we are equipped to do so. We retrofit bolts to spec; we don’t cheat. We brush, blow out, and use legal, dated epoxy. Our bolts WILL survive a Pull Test.

Regarding licensing: Only licensed engineering firms are actually approved to watch installation. Certain engineering firms will come out to inspect/approve their own work only. City of Camas and City of Washougal will sometimes send an inspector to watch installation but timing this is difficult. Clark County, City of Vancouver, Camas and Washougal have a history of approving steel or bolts that we’ve already epoxied but there’s always a risk that they’ll require a signed document in which case we’re forced to do over with a licensed and bonded engineering firm. Cowlitz County has a history of requiring independent testing and approval to sign off. Skamania County has been unpredictable.

Regarding our set-up: We have wood and concrete drills and bits to drill thru up to 48” of material, sizes up to 1 ¼”. We can work in, around, or through most situations likely to occur on a residential or light commercial project.

Pricing Guideline

Base rate for concrete drilling is $35.00/hole to 24” deep with an amortized drill bit charge of $1.00 or $2.00 per inch depending on size of hole. ½”, 5/8” and ¾” holes are $1.00/inch, holes 7/8” and bigger are $2.00/inch. If we have to drill rebar, charge is an additional $35.00/hit for “rebar eater bit”. It’s generally better/cheaper to move the hole and try again, besides the fact that cutting rebar destroys the integrity of the existing wall or support pad. Simpson SET dated epoxy is approximately $35.00 per double tube.

We carry drills, circular saw, sawzall, air fittings and air… generator available at $50.00/day plus fuel. We will charge 50.00/hr and bit/blade charges for time spent incidental to actual concrete drilling. We have a small jackhammer for punching holes through foundation walls. We have studfinders, electrical testing equipment, air and electric impact equipment for driving Titen style bolts, etc. We do grouting and patching by the hour.

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