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Statement of Accountability

We at Sierra Concrete are committed to quality, long-term service and cost effectiveness.

We take pains to ensure that our foundations are as level and square as is possible. We deal primarily with contractors in the custom housing market and we do not advertise or make inflated claims of excellence to sell our product. We ask that you research the Clark County area by calling concrete suppliers, pump suppliers, engineering firms, building administrations, contractors, framers, etc. We feel that the best advertising is for our work to stand on its own merit and for our quality to speak for itself. We do not supply a list of references.

We are not the cheapest. We are not the fastest. In fact, we often run behind schedule because we refuse to sacrifice quality for time. We do not cut corners, or lie to building inspectors; instead, we cultivate a good working relationship with them. Our job is to know what is needed before the inspector gets there and to have answers ready. This we do well, because failing an inspection is not something that we take lightly.

We take pride in presenting a house well on a lot. We give thought to drainage, appearance, height restrictions, neighboring lots, etc. We try to work with you to make it as convenient as possible for the subs behind us. We try to set a good tone for the framer, the excavator, plumber, etc. We believe that if a job is started right, it makes the entire project easier.

We stand behind our work and fix, or pay to have fixed, any legitimate problems or mistakes. We are not happy unless you are happy. We want you to pay willingly for a good product and call us back. We want a mutually beneficial long-term relationship with all of our clients.

Some complaints we have had in the past include:

Cracking: We guarantee concrete placed by us to crack. This is normal and we can discuss ways of dealing with it.

Dirty or Rough Walls: Our forms are used every day in mud and rain. Only for exposed retaining walls or other aesthetic applications do we take special care here. We do try to keep clean forms and have purchased box-vans for this purpose. We try to keep our forms trimmed also, but sometimes get tied up for long stretches between trimmings. Some pockets or holes in surface of concrete come from air entrained within the concrete. Vibration often makes this more apparent (unless we vibe all the air out, which is not advisable).

Rock-pocketing occurs as a result of poor placement, poor flowability of mix, etc. We try to avoid all rock-pocketing through vibration or good placement techniques. If rock-pocketing occurs which affects strength, we replace. If surface rock appears, we sack and patch.

Pour Lines: We try to avoid pour lines. We are not 100% successful and in most cases when they occur, it is a result of waiting on concrete trucks. This is why we sometimes recommend/prefer a specific concrete supplier.

Crooked walls; missing walls or pads; house poured on wrong lot; house too big/too small; huge, gaping holes in wall. These are mistakes, not complaints. We fix.

If for any reason you become dissatisfied with our work, price, timeliness, or attitude, please let us know so that we can work it out or part ways in an amicable fashion. Clark County is a small place and we try hard to keep our reputation unblemished and our bridges unburned.

Sierra Concrete has been in business in the county for over thirty years as of this writing and we intend to be here for a while yet.

Thank you,

Al and Lois Matson
Sole Proprietors